Easy Peasy

I've photographed a LOT of weddings. Generally, once the ceremony is over the majority of the guests head over to the reception area where they indulge in cocktails as the photographer and the bride and groom linger behind to knock out their couples' portraits.

But every now and then the weather takes a turn and forces everyones hands to run for cover.

Thankfully I had a wonderfully "go with the flow" bride that never batted an eye once the rain started trickling down. We knocked out the family photos in the fastest time I've ever accomplished and then I turned to the bride while trying to keep my lens free of rain drops.

"Are you ok if we postpone couples portraits until after this cell passes? It will be better anyways as there should be a gorgeous sunset we can play with later on in the evening."

"Not a problem!" She replied and off the bride and groom went to snag their newlywed rickshaw and head off to the reception.

Toasts were made, first dances were had and cake was eaten. Never once did the bride or groom get antsy about still not having shot their couples portraits. When the rain finally stopped and the sun started shining some pretty colors outside of the reception tent, we all happily headed out to explore the grounds.

I think we came away with some winning portraits!