About Me

I picked up my first professional camera after returning home from a tour in Iraq in 2004-2005 as a truck driver in the Army Reserves. My time overseas truly opened my eyes to the world and I've been sharing those views ever since.

I officially became a photojournalist for the Army Reserves in 2008 where I traveled around the globe capturing the lives and moments of those around me. From Romania to Hawaii and Alaska, I spent my travels studying the art of photojournalism and constantly improving my skill set.

My time as a photojournalist for the Army transformed in April of 2012 when I accepted a position with the Aurora Sentinel and The Aurora Magazine as the primary photojournalist and photo editor. For almost three years, I spent my time covering hard-hitting stories like the Aurora Theater Shooting to heartfelt issues of homelessness as well as serving the city by sharing the stories of the local community.

After growing as a photojournalist for close to ten years, I have since focused my attention outside the newsroom and am brining that photojournalist eye to the everyday photograph. 


Rachel Sapin

“I'm a generally private person, so I don't lightly let people document the most important moments in my life. That being said, Marla has been there for my hot air balloon engagement (that was featured in InStyle), a huge move while pregnant to another state and the difficult birth of my son. And she has captured all of these moments so gracefully, beautifully and thoughtfully. I owe much of the beauty in my life to Marla Keown and her camera.”

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