Marla Keown lost her brother to suicide March 2016 and found herself leaning on her dog Walker to get through the difficult times. Realizing that there are a LOT of other veterans out there like Marla – going through crappy times and relying on their pet as emotional support – she wanted to showcase that love and bond between veterans and their pets as well as provide a free image for each veteran that participated. And so came to be Vets with Pets.

Vets with Pets

Marla & Walker

Shaun & Tucker

Dana & Jackson

Will & Baloo

Vanessa & Frieda

Bobby & Tony Baloney

Kathy & Arkeo

Courtland & Dusty Bottoms

Diane & Socks

Jared & Boomer

Jennie & Nacho

Larry & Bobbie

Jennifer & JD, Jackoby & Jack

Matt & Whiskey Rebel

Alisha & Skylar

Shawn & Diesel

Maggie & Chewy

Scott & Gracie

David & Stacey & Canis & Saltine

Sarah & Eloise

Tylor & Kino

Jess & Eden

John & Bif

Meghan & Cash

Miguel & Sancha

Amanda & Blue