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Food  Photography  Photojournalism  Travel 
Food Poisoning Photoshoot in India
January 30, 2019  by Marla Keown Photography 

I only got food poisoning once during my visit to India this time last year. I ate all the Indian food...

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Photography  Portraiture 
Teeny Tiny Shooting Space
January 24, 2019  by Marla Keown Photography 

A good friend needed updated headshots to add to his portfolio a couple weeks ago. He met me at my studio...

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Photography  Photojournalism  Veterans 
Missing Kel
January 9, 2019  by Marla Keown Photography 

When I show up to a funeral or a celebration of life or a memorial of sorts with my camera in hand I’m...

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Food  Music 
Hello 2019!
January 3, 2019  by Marla Keown Photography 

I was supposed to be driving home to Denver the first of the year. Instead I was tending to a stomach...

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Photography  Portraiture  Veterans 
A week away
March 7, 2017  by Marla Keown Photography 

It will be almost a year since my brother committed suicide. I immediately turned to photography to help...

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Food  Photography  Travel 
November 6, 2016  by Marla Keown Photography 

We finished off a wonderful walk around Oslo with a delicious 10 course meal at the michelin star restaurant, Kontrast....

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Photography  Travel 
Vigeland Sculpture Park
November 6, 2016  by Marla Keown Photography 

Rebecca and Eric took us ladies on a nice winter stroll through parts of Oslo yesterday! Of course I’m...

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Photography  Travel 
Norway in November
November 4, 2016  by Marla Keown Photography 

I got in to Norway yesterday and Rebecca didn’t waste time feeding me delicious food and showing...

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On the Fly
August 30, 2016  by Marla Keown Photography 

Two of my best friends got engaged at the end of July. I'm so happy I was able to be there to capture...

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Food  Photography 
Fudgey Fun
May 13, 2016  by Marla Keown Photography 

It’s been a long bit since I’ve gone out of my way to photograph food. I’m not sure...

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